Tuesday, September 28, 2004

Happy Chuseok!

Chuseok is Korean Thanksgiving, and is one of their major/traditional holiday. It is the harvest moon festival to all koreans.

The holiday, which runs it course for three days (5 including a weekends), allows people to visit family members and their hometowns. Everyone pays respect to their living relatives and visits the graves of their ancestors where they performs ancestral ceremonies. These include a worship ritual with an offer of food made of new crops to thank them for giving good fortune.

we been invited to a thanksgiving dinner at school director's house

just like holidays in other countries, gifts are everywhere. The chuseok gift packages, it is usually wrapped in a standard pink sheet when given to someone.

in the market, varities of seafoods are available as well as rice cakes

The three days holiday give us time to do stuff and took pictures.....

the faces of Buyeo!

Here's L and in the background is one of the tourist attractions here in buyeo, an incense burner. It's a big replica of a thousand year old burner that can be seen at the museum.

and here I am sorrounded by flowers.....

Sunday, September 26, 2004

The birthday celebrant!

One person I'd be lost without, if not there for me. His heart is always full of love and showing. He's ever sweet and always caring. A person who helps me grow, so much knowledge, love, and wisdom to share. He's my console, friend, partner, my love, my husband.......

Happy Birthday Honey, You're Really Special!

Saturday, September 25, 2004

connections blocked!

Cannot find server! Operation timed out! some sites are really hard to access or much worst, unaccessible! At first I thought it was just this usual problem that one or two url's cannot be access, after a while it will be fine. For a week now I been patiently waiting for one of my yahoo mail and tag-board to be accessed!!! grrrrr!!!! so for those who tagged me (kung meron man), so sorry for not answering you. I plan to change my tagboard soon.

I know last July, South Korean government did some internet blocking to prevent anyone from downloading and watching the beheading of a korean in Iraq. Mostly access to any individual blog on all the main bloging sites worldwide, such as blogs.com, blogspot.com & etc are blocked. We thought that was over, might be the aftermath!


I am:
bored! So I copied this from Mitch and here are my answers.

I miss: my family in the Philippines. I might come visit before long.

I want: to start working again, did I say I am bored?

I have: an internet connection that doesnt work right!

I fear: being in a closed spaces.

I play: soft music.

I hear: L watching tv.

I care: for our pets, but they don't usually last long, my parents should have a pet cemetery.

I smile: a lot.

I love: God, L and our families.

I think: we need to cancel our DSL connection, and find a new one soon!

I always: surf the net. I spend more hours doing it than other things.

I dance: at the right place; at the right time.

I am not: happy being boxed in, but I don't have a choice right now.

I sing: when I hear my favorite song.

I cry: when L and I have a petty quarrel, when I read or watch sad stories and when Iam angry and frustrated. I'm a cry baby!

I wish: we could leave Korea now and go back to US.

I keep: all kinds of stuff. I'm a packrat :)

I can: cook.

I can't: ride a bike or swim.

I write: poems, every now and then.

I win: medals and honors in elementary and highschool days.

I lose: patience with narrow-minded people.

I smell: tinola, I reheated the left over from last night.

I confuse: others being an impulsive sometimes.

I need: to call the DSL company and ask what the heck is happening! Though I doubt they'll understand me at all!

Thursday, September 23, 2004

starlight, starbright, what does my sign say?

Virgo horoscope for Septermber 23, 2004:
Set your goals on doing something that will benefit you. This is the perfect day to make physical or mental changes that will move you in a new direction.

Hmm, must mean I have to start live life out in a box..... The question is when and how??? maybe tomorrow, maybe next week, maybe... maybe...

Do you believe in horoscope?

Honestly, I don't know if I believe or disbelieve horoscopes, I certainly don't let them rule my life like some people. Plus I don't do a lots of reading about them anymore, I just came across one while surfing the net. When I read horoscope it just for fun or out of curiosity. When I get hold of a newspaper in the morning I always turn at the back page, "hm, what does my sign says today".

I'm just wondering, how do they suceed in getting people to believe in horoscopes and how is it that sometimes some of what is written does match the reality? If the horoscope said: "Something good will happen today", surely everyday there's something good that happens!!! I mean the probability for it to be fullfilled is large.

My birthday is on 26th of August (Virgo) I had a classmate who was born on the same day in the same year...Yet, we didn't have any common traits or charateristics. Worst is we even fight constantly! Though from the readings you can actually observe similar traits about people from the same horoscope. Can be that this is anything but mere coincidence or perhaps applied psychology? Something like people born around this time must be sharing something or the other!

Horoscope can be just for fun, but it's that how it is for everyone? Some people say it's forbidden in their religion, some says it's just based on pressuming things without enough scientific bases. Unfortunately there are people who are really supersticious. But in a way sometimes even I become supersticious. Think about it, in a way each one of us does sometimes become supersticious. What do you say?

Sunday, September 19, 2004

seafoods galore!

A couple from L's class had invited us to a dinner. Actually the invitation was for last night but we didn't make it because we came back late from Daejeon.

At first we thought we'll just head back to their house after they fetch us from our apartment, but they said we are going to Gunsan which is an hour away from Buyeo. Whoah! an hour travel just for a dinner and it's already 7pm - it better be good, or else!

They brought us in a japanese restaurant, with an old white castle structure and big pharaohs statues in every corners, hmm seems like doesn't match at all! too bad I didn't bring our camera. Inside the ambience was cool, we are seated near the water but can't see much of the view since it's already dark.

We are delighted when they started, an array of seafoods which are combination of japanese and korean dishes was served lavishly. Foods are served continously, as in non-stop! we haven't finish our plate yet and here comes ajussa (young lady) with a new serving in hands. This is one place wherein we can say that we had a real japanese, that as much as we like to eat, we're stuffed! Hwanga (student) said that she'll ask a doggy bag for the left over foods, but she must be too full to remember it. We call it a night while we can still carry ourselves home.

So much fun, stuffed, satisfied :)

Saturday, September 18, 2004

here, there and _ _ _ _ _?

Another blessing for me, I got my Temporary Resident ID card today. So now my status - Filipino citizen, Permanent Resident of USA and Temporary Resident of SK. This means I can be here, there and who knows where else! sometimes I can't help but ask myself "where do I belong" and as clear as water, the answer is "wherever dear darling hubby" :)

Some photos I took while we're out:

You know your in City of Daejeon once you see this sign.

Like Jollibee in the Philippines, Lotteria is the most common chain here in Korea. They have bulgogi, bulgalbi, chicken, rice and shrimp burgers.

cute little turtles in a jar

selection of toothpaste, "no colgate at all!"

Thursday, September 16, 2004

an apple a day keeps the "dentist" away

I've had this toothache for a few days now and been ignoring it because I hate a dentist visit. It's not really a sharp pain just some little aches that come and go, often times quite persistent and extremely annoying!

L asked C (director's wife) to arrange a dental appointment for us, but they are busy at the school that she schedule it for next week. L think I couldn't wait that long so he talked to one of his adult student if she knows a dentist or can refer us to one. As we already know korean will not jus tell you what to do, but will do something for you - as it turned out she fetch us from our apartment and bring us to her personal dentist.

As I expected it's an unpleasant ordeal. After the grinding and drilling, both bottom mollars had been filled temporarily and will comeback next week for a permanent filling. L on the otherhand had his teeth cleaned and find the whole process fine but slightly painful since they did it thoroughly.

L's insurance from the new school hasn't been issued yet, so the damage is little bit costly. Anyway, I feel relieved to get over this ordeal, and glad that my tooth has been restored will just have to wait for the final task. Right now I can still taste the morphin specially if I clenched my teeth, but atleast the pain is gone.

By the way I recently read an article about people who take in a lot of acidic foods (sodas, lemons, tomatoes, etc.) definitely have "softer" teeth and are demineralizing their enamel. If your diet is M&Ms and Pepsi during the day after orange juice in the morning, you're likely to be demineralizing. The solution: drink flouredated water, or use a flouride mouth wash, or ask for stronger flouride content toothpaste from your dentist.

Sunday, September 12, 2004

Amazing Race - our version!

Yesterday was another interesting day for us. It was like we're in reality tv show Amazing Race. The Challenge - find the only Walmart in a city of 1.5 million where people hardly/rarely speaks English and all the signs are in hieroglyphics. We walked for blocks, took many different buses, and tried to get assistance from various people along the way. Someone would give us directions, which turned out to not be totally right but at least advanced us a little closer. Luckily we encountered a woman who was walking there herself. It was almost dark by the time we got within the vicinity. We were so glad to finally reach our destination.

walmart Posted by Hello

Here are photos of massive apartments in Korea. These are not commercial buildings, but a typical neighborhood in the city.

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Wednesday, September 08, 2004

Some had already mentioned this, -ber na! These means ber moths had started and soon it will be Christmas. Usually tv and radio programs in the Philippines had started their coutdowns and most of them are playing christmas carols. I bet my father had already dig in to their files of records and played christmas medleys. My mother would says "that's too early", but there she is humming with the song. I guess by now some malls have christmas tree on displays, toys and other children stuff on sale. Which reminded us the numbers of our godchildren. Well, christmas is giving and are for children. They always expect to have new clothes & shoes every christmas and ofcourse presents from ninong and ninang.

Last year was the first time I celebrated christmas away from my family, sad. But at the same time I am glad to be with my new family, it was also my first Thanksgiving, my first turkey :) Here in Korea they are celebrating Thanksgiving too, and it will be on the 24th of September. They call it Chu'sok: The Harvest Moon Festival. Koreans perform an ancestor worship ritual with an offer of food made of new crops to thank their ancestors for giving them good fortune. The director's wife had already invited us to spent Chu'sok with them at her father's farm. It would be an interesting event for us.

Korea does not have a history of Christmas until 200 years ago when chistianity was introduced for the first time. The Cofucianism and Buddhism is what shaped the culture and life of koreans. From what I read South Korea is now 30% christians, eventhough Buddhism is their official religion. L is surprised to learn that most people we met are christians. Modern Korea as they call it, has many things to credit to christianity and that includes christmas celebrations. They observe this occasion the way christian does, christmas decorations, carolling, and etc. All of these are remains to be seen by us, as of the moment I haven't heard nor seen any trace of christmas. But ofcourse it's too early to expect! It's all depend, if and when we decided to stay till then :)

Saturday, September 04, 2004

whatta week!

It's been a tough week for us. After suffering from stiff wrist and neck, now here's another ordeal.

My middle finger got burned while cooking, and it's bloated! I guess it's a second degree burn. Stupid me to touched the burners plate! It's not an accident, I actually touched the plate to moved it or something. I don't know what was I'm thinking, maybe I thought am super woman who doesn't get hurt at all!

The reason why I feel crappy this morning and did all the choirs absent-midedly, because L was sick. He woke up with an upset stomach and throw up. It worries me. At first I am thingking of food poisoning, but what could it be? we practically ate the same food and I'm not sick at all . After a while he felt achy and feverish, so we thought it must be some kind of virus. He mentioned that one of the brat at the school has been sick, so he might have catch it from him. I feel sad to see him suffering, I wish I can do more to make him feel better too bad I am in pain too :(

Anyway after a light lunch, (which includes dragging and pushing) 4 1/2 bottles of coke, a little tv, he is now sound a sleep. And here Iam blogging with a swollen finger! It hurts to type but I keep doing it, pretends that it doesn't hurt, but it does!!! I hope he'll feel better once he woke up, specially he'll have a long day at the school tomorrow.

------------------------- On the lighter side....

After a few days of procrastinating having a haircut and L urging me to do so, I finally had it yesterday. Actually we both did have a haircut. Mine is a lot shorter than my usual style. I was nervous while the hairdresser was scraping my hair. Yes she scraped it! instead of using a scissor to make a layers, she used a razor. Luckily my hair is long so she doesn't have to scrape up to my scalp. Anyway even I feel agitated the whole time, the outcome was good. The new hair style really give me a new look. Because of that, I gave her a tip which makes her eyes big in amazement. Tipping is not expected here in Korea, so people are really astonished whenever you gave them one.

After the haircut we proceed to the nearby town and did some shopping. It's our only consolation for staying here in korea. Enjoy while it last! I noticed that the display of clothes changes from short sleeves to long sleeves. Sweatshirts and sweaters are also on display now. One way of saying summer will soon be over, let's prepare for fall and winter. Hayyy! I never knew we'll be staying this long here.....

Thursday, September 02, 2004

Reality TV Shows

L is complaining of his wrist, been hurtting for few days now. I try to give him a massage and rub ointments such as Efficasent oil and sanitary balm (which I been carrying since I left Pinas). We haven't figure out why his wrist hurt, guess what?? I woke up with a stiff neck. outch! it really hurts! I can now envision our weekends will be spend in bed. I won't complain though :)

Anyway since I don't feel good, the day was spent resting and watching tv. This time I came across with another reality tv show, Race to the Altar. I don't exactly know the theme of the show, but the way I understand it, the contestants are soon to be married couples and are competing for a fantasy wedding. There were 7 couples (not sure how many are they when it started) competing. It's very challenging because it proves the strength of their relationship. Games involved issues of teamwork, compatability, trust and even sex! The show is so entertaining, it even makes me cry when it's time for the power couples (2 winning couples) to eliminate one couple.

Reality tv shows are very popular now a days, Top model, The Apprentice, Newlyweds, Meet my folks, Amazing race, The simple life, Bachelor & Bachelorettes, to name a few. There are new reality tv shows just about every week, it seems. Everytime I turn on the tv I see a commercial for a new one. So why are reality tv show so popular? And why are they called "reality" when we all knows that some are nothing to reality? And how we know what we can believe and what cannot? Is it just a fad or is it a trend here to stay?

Many people think reality TV is a craze that will pass, but I think it will be around for a while. New shows keep popping up regularly. I don't think this is just a passing fad. Too many people enjoy these shows and enjoy getting caught up in the real/fake stories. Another reason why reality TV is bound to continue to be a success is the cost of making one compared to a sitcom. Much cheaper. Here's an article about the reality tv shows trend.

Generally I can say that these reality shows are entertaining. It's like when we are engrossed in a Sinenovelas which makes us cry, laugh and sometimes angry. I myself still watching one of the longest running shows "Days of our live's". Ofcourse it's not completely a truly reality shows but it's just as entertaining. We are all viewers who can't wait to see what will happens next. And as long as these shows entertained us, we'll just watched, relaxed and enjoy the show specially if you have stiffed neck!

Wednesday, September 01, 2004

Chocolates, good or bad?

For a few days now, I been craving for chocolates. But because I am avoiding fats and sugar I keep myself from doing so. It's hard because the more I ignore the thoughts, the more I contemplate about it. Hmmm, sweet, creamy rich Hershey's bar, Nestle Crunch, Kisses, M&M, Godiva truffles, Cudbery bar, ahhhh chocolates to die for!

Whenever we go to grocery store I try to avoid walking at the chocolate sections, but no matter how, I see it everywhere, display areas, registers, and other places where it's inviting. And everyone's grabbing them and gobbled on it. That's why I can't help but ask, "What's with chocolates that it's hard to resist?" "Why it's everyone's favorite?" The fact that when you eat those delicious little chocolates you tend to gain weights, causes acne, tooth decay and etc. Some says it's addictive, loaded with caffein and bad for the heart. Still many people craved for it, including me, it's chocolates or nothing!

From what I've read, in the last several years, the overall trend in the US has been to avoid chocolate candy and go for non-chocolate candy. Is chocolate really so bad? I guess so because it is loaded with calories, fats and sugar, but even if it's bad it's good, right! Come to think of it, chocolate is link with romance. Flowers accompanied with chocolates are the best gifts specially for lovers. It's sweet! I's cute! Flowers without chocolates is not sweet anymore!

I guess chocolate itself is not bad. It's just depend if your diet is healthy and well-balanced, eating a little chocolate occasionally is not a bad thing to do. Logically, if your primary food source is chocolate, it will be bad for you because you won't get enough of the various nutrients it needs to maintain a level of good health. I guess we can indulge ourselves and enjoy the heavenly taste of chocolates but we have to watch the amount we intake, it's not a good idea if we gorge ourselves in a handful of sweets over again.

What do you think, is chocolate good or bad?

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