Sunday, March 12, 2006

I feel your pain

Caroline is 2 months and she had her check up last Friday. She is now 10lbs 13oz and 22.75inches. She's growing fast!

She had her first shots too. Like they said there is nothing like watching a needle inserted into your infant's thigh to bring new meaning to the expression "I feel your pain". I feel like crying everytime she screams while being poked. Luckily the 4 shots (that most people at work told me) are now reduced to two , Hib and DTaP. Still there's nothing worse than trying to comfort an infant right after she received vaccination shots.

As expected she had a fever the next day. But aside from a fever (101 F) and a slightly swollen thigh, she didnt gave us a hard time. She sleep, eat, peed and pooped like nothing hurt. We gave her infant's tylenol and sponges in-between to lower the fever. She's better now (hopefully no more fever until next shot). She's on her swing having a nap (after entertaining herself with her mobile) while am blogging.

Caroline playing with her friends :)

Sunday, March 05, 2006

Mommy: Q & A

How did you feel during those first few days after the birth?

The first night was a shocked to us. We were like, "Oh my what were we in for?!" I heard, talked and read a lot about being sleep-deprive, but nothing beat your own experience. Then there's the breastfeeding, my breast hurt so much. I was engorge and the baby dont know how to latch properly so it was really a painful few days, weeks.

How were you emotionally?

I was in limbo. My emotion was up and down. One day I was okay, the next day I was crying over nothing. I just look at my baby while rocking her then I'll start crying, I'm glad L was there with me the whole time. The first month was crazy, all I wish was to see my mother and hand her the baby so she can take care of her because I feel like I cant do it at all.

Is there anything you wish people had told you about the postpartum period?

Yes, I hope I had talked to someone about it or I had read more information about postpartum. I would have atleast prepared myself over this period of time.

How long do you plan to breastfeed?

I breastfeed my baby for one whole month. I wish I could have continued, but for some reason my milk causes her rashes. I also noticed she refuses to drink formula after I breastfeed her. I think a month is enough, I atleast gave her enough nutrients, boost her immunity and protects her from other infections.

Do you have any advice for getting through those first weeks of breastfeeding?

Yes, it is painful but if you can, I would say stick with it. It definitely gets easier. To be honest I prefer to breastfeed, I can do things atleast with one hand, with bottle feeding both your hands are tied and ofcourse the most important is I am giving my baby something no else can give her.

Was there any stress between you and your husband over the baby?

Like I said the first few days was a shock to us. It was a big adjustment to both of us specially to L who never been around babies at all. We longed for our old easy life but we are adjusting gradually.

Let's talk about your body, Did things get totally rearranged?

I think so, it's hard to shed the extra pounds I gained from pregnancy. My shoe size seems half bigger and I feel like the bulge on my tummy is going to stay forever.

Care to share how much you weighed before and how much now?

I weighed 132lbs when I gave birth, now I weigh 109lbs, still hoping to go back to 95lbs (wish ko lang!)

What advice-or comfort-can you offer other new moms about their weight ?

Don't be too eager to lose weight, honestly I did. After a few days we're back from the hospital, I tried my jeans. I expect to fit on it (duh!), it was so frustrating. We gained all those weight for nine months (for goodness sake!) it will happen gradually (trust me).

How important is it for you to have a work identity?

Very Important! I felt no qualms about going back to work. It is what keep me sane, plus it makes me love and miss Caroline so much. It's great to be a mom and to know that you make your baby happy, but it's hard to be a full-time mom, for me it's a tough job.

Was your baby a lot of fun right from the start?

Hm, not really. It's a joy to look at her and that I brought a pretty baby out in this world. But with the combination of exhaustion (from her crying & sleep deprivation) and being freak-out all the time (she has a slight reflux which makes her vomit and hospitalized), it's so overwhelming.

What's your baby like now?

She's so much better now. She's sleeping good at night (although she's not good at napping), she eat better and less vomiting. She'll be 2 months on the 9th, she's pretty (ahem), she's smiling a lot and she's easy to please. I'm happy with my baby :)

It would be nice to hear from other mom's too, so if your not busy with your little one, care to share - mickee, monina, dang, mommy mega, letty, & svelte I'm tagging you mga mommies :)

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