Monday, August 30, 2004

* I just finished updating our website, I uploaded some of our pictures here in Korea. I was thinking of updating the entire site, but I find it hard since I am just using a laptop, no real mouse (actually I have 2 spare mouse, but both not working on this laptop), and the internet explorer is not working, so I have to use Mozilla, which I hate! The windows need to be reinstalled, but can't do that right now since we have a lot of pictures saved here. We forgot to bring the cd writer and there's no way to keep the datas untill we purchased a usb driver. Hay, I missed our desk top and all the stuff there.... Anyway if you happened to visit the site and you found a dead links, please tell me....

* Today I became an official member of One Question, was given an access to post a question. Any member can ask a question they preffered (just one question) and everyone can answer it. You may want to visit the site if you have time.

* L had been urging me to go for a haircut before he leaves to school, this morning. I don't like to go unless he come with me, so still no haircut.

--------- from last night:

L and I had planned to have a haircut last night. We just stayed at home the whole day, watched tv and relaxed, we waited until sunsets because it's sure hot to walk. When it was time to leave, we had a little disagreement. He doesn't like the style I have in mind and I don't like the style he was thinking, so the result.... no haircut!

Saturday, August 28, 2004

shop till you drop!

My birthday had already passed but today's my day! As L promised I did had a bday shopping today. We went to Daejeon and visited some of the shopping malls.

Daejeon has a number of malls, it's almost like Philippines. The place we been is just one part of the city but still it's big, shops after the other and people are bumping to each other. I was telling L that I feel like I am back to what I'm used to, the only difference are the signs. Places are accessible by bus, just make sure you know the bus number.

We went to Carrefour, I never heard of it before neither L, and when I searched the net I found out it is an international shopping store actually it's a french store. There's two Carrefour here in Daejeon, the one we been albeit small I was able to buy some nice clothes. The first time I saw a six level mall wherein only two floors are for shopping and the rest are parking areas. Hey, there's even a parking level just for women! I can't wait to see the big one :)

Next stop, Say Two mall, who knows where they got the name. You know here in korean some building had a weird name, one time I saw a building named (in caps ha!) LA PUTA <--- this word means the same in spanish and tagalog, wonder what's that mean in korean. Anway, I was looking for Say One, but I can't seem to find it, L says maybe there's none, hehehehhe! This is quite a mall! I was surprised to see named brand clothings, oh man I was ecstatic! You may say I'm OA, believed me, I jumped for joy when I saw colgate. In three months here that's the first time I saw one!

After a while we decided to walked at the nearest park, a birds sanctuary. Actually I thought it was the Zoo Land because I saw a sign pointing at the same direction. I was kinda disappointed not to see the pigeons on the grounds, they are already on their birds house since it past 6pm. on a couple of times we been here at Daejeon and passed through this park, I saw people feeding them, I was hoping to do the same too. Anway we walked around and watched different kind of birds in the aviary, a nice park so to speak. We took some pictures and relaxed.
Our shopping is not yet done, like L said "shop till you drop!" We looked at some botique around the area, a little shopping, a little walk and we decided to go back at Say Two. L told me to choose an earrings, and that would be my main present. Oh so sweet honey!

The last stopped was baskinrobbins the day won't be complete without an ice cream :)

We came back to Buyeo, a town quiet as can be. Tired but happy and satisfied.

Friday, August 27, 2004

mission accomplished!

We been to Korean Immigration today, I'm glad that we accomplished something. L didn't get a new visa, they just renewed his visa from the previous school. At first we thought he needs to leave the country for a re-issued visa, that means staying in Japan for a week or two. Thanks God we don't have to do that, although ofcourse travelling there would be another adventure and it's free... As for me, I did have my visa in the process, they kept my passport and will get it back after 2 weeks, together with my Temporary Residence ID.

The trip to immigration was easy compared to last time. It's just four of us, the director & wife and L & me, we ride in a van instead of small car, so we're not packed like sardines and no loud talks like last time. Hay! the whole trip was comfy and relaxing, the only thing is instead of listening to a nice music we are listening to a learn how to speak english tape.... exercise #, page #, chapter this....

At the immigration, we noticed a group of men in the corner, we thought they are Indonesian. must be working here or applying for a working visa. There is a korean guy who was leading them and carrying their passports. One thing we found out, (this is according to a korean) korean doesn't like blue collar job. Younger generations are aiming for a professional jobs, they rather be unemployed than to work in a factory. So the goverment has no choice but to open their jobs in the market, wherein for pinoys as well as indos this is big opportunity. The last I heard in the Philippines, POEA had a mass hiring for Korea.

We're almost finish and will be ready to leave when I noticed a woman on the table filling up a form. She looks like a pinay and her passport is green. Eventhough I know there's a lot of filipino here, it's not very often that I see one. I moved closer to where she is then I asked "pinay ka?" (are you a pinay?). Guessed what she did, she just look at me and said nothing! I was shocked! Is she deft or something? or just snobbish! I showered before we leave so I know I don't smell!

I know koreans are not very friendly but that's understandable, because of the languge barrier and the fact that they don't really care about foreigner are some reasons, but a pinay in a foreign land! I was offended and really hurt, I just told L that she must have been busy not to noticed me. I just forget about her, and go on with what we're doing.

Tsk! it's hurt to know that there are some pinoy like that, their mentality was eaten but what they achieved in life or maybe with the culture that they adopted.

Thursday, August 26, 2004

thank you Lord for another year!

Another year had passed and another year is added to my ever growing age. No matter how much I complain about my age I know I wouldn't have it any other way, there's a certain joy of getting older as they say you get much wiser! Every year is another important stages of my life, and each time I pray and thanks God for giving me a day to celebrate.

This is the 2nd year that I am celebrating bday away from my family, last year was with L and his family in the US, now here in Korea with L. I wonder where will it be next year :)

It was a quiet celebration, Lee came home from school with a box of cake and flowers in hands. So thoughtful honey ko! He already had planned for us to dine out so we set aside the cake and go out. After the dinner we walked in downtown but since this is a small town there's not much to see, at 9pm it's already quiet and stores are starting to close. So we just go home and attacked the cake :) And because we are going to have an early day tomorrow, we didn't stay up late, we are going to have another long day with his korean boss..... (hayyy!)

I am thankful that Lord gave me another year to celebrate, hopefully many more to come. To our families, and to all our friends, thank you for all the love and support.

Dear Lord,

Thank you,

for all that you have given to me,
for all that you have withdrawn,
for all that you have permitted,
for all that you have forgiven me,

for all that you have prepared for me,
for all that you have prepared me for,
for the death that you have chosen for me,

for all my strengths,
for all my weaknesses,
for the place you have prepared in heaven for me,
for having created me to serve you for all eternity,

Thank you for another year...


My bday pictures....

Wednesday, August 25, 2004

a day with koreans.....

This is not the first we spent time with koreans. Eversince we came here in Korea we been with different people, they really like L. We noticed that, to them a foreigner or being with a foreigner is a novelty. We concluded that being with us they got a free english practice instead of enrolling in a hogwon and pay thousands of won. Don't get me wrong, we find them really nice & friendly and we do appreciate that, so we make a point to accept their invitations all the time. But sometimes we find them very persistent and annoying too, so we just doesn't stay long.... Today is different because we actually spent the whole day with koreans.

Our day started at 5am, since we know that the director and wife is coming at 7:30am we make sure that we're ready once they honk downstairs. They came at 8:10am! well we don't mind, it's morning and we have a fresh start. Our destination - Korean Immigration in Daejeon, for our visa's. The name of the school in L's visa has to be changed from the previous to the new school's name. As for me, my 90 days tourist visa will expire at the end of the month, I need to get an extension or a temporary resident ID if necessary.

There we're five of us in the car, the director, the wife, the driver (wife's sister) and L & I. When we get in the car, we said " hi, hello, how are you?" after that the three of them started chatting. L and I just sit quietly and watched the view, from time to time we smile at each other while the these 3 people keep talking. In the middle of the drive the wife hand out foods, rice ball (counter part of meat ball, she says) with ketchup and milk. L ate the rice balls and I just settled for a milk. Before long we're already in the city, we been to Daejeon last weekeend but not on this part of the city. It's really big! not just apartment buildings that we usually see but commercial buildings which is one after the other, department store and shops after the other, I feel like I am in Makati. L commented that he feels like he's in New York.

As we continued, the wife, L and I went in a bookstore, the sister and director went somewhere. The bookstore was really nice, there are a lot of english books for toddler to adults. These are the books they use for ESL (English as Second Language). I enjoy looking around,I feel like I am in a bookland, I settled myself reading children story books while L and the director's wife are looking for english books for adults. It's time to go, the director and the sister's been waiting outside and the moment we get in the car, they started their loud talks again. This time it's really loud like they are yelling at each other, like they are fighting! If talks can kill then one of them is already dead! L and I just look at each other and smile secretly. We know that we're lost because we just keep driving over and over and their loud talk continues, then they started to roll the window down and asked "ajumma (woman)" and "ajussi (man)" these and that.... eventually the director decided to take a taxi and our car followed him, atlast we found the Korean Immigration!

At first we thought it will take time for everything to be over, the wife is saying that she and Lee will head back to Buyeo and me & the director will just finish everything. L refused to do so, he can't just leave me like that. But then we didn't spend much time there, because we found out at once that another document from the previous school is needed for them to issue a new visa for L. As for me, I need to have 2 photo ID and W60,000 to get a temporary resident ID, and since my visa will expire at the end of the month we just decided to comeback.

We head back, again we got lost, can't find our way out! the three stooges started talking again, on top of their lungs! It's so annoying because they talked so loud, we don't know if they are angry, arguing or just talking and they are oblivious of people around them, the worst is we can't understand a word at all! didn't even bother to translate what is happening!. I feel so tired of all the walks, all the talks, Iam hungry and sleepy. I tried to sleep but I can't because of their loud and non-stop talks. After a while the wife handed out kimbap for a snack, we ate while listening to their uninteresting and annoying talks. I was so glad when we reach Buyeo, I jumped out of the car and head back to our apartment as fast as I could, away from them. I feel sad for L because he had to go to school and teach after that long day.

I don't know if I can stand another day with them again......

Tuesday, August 24, 2004

I believe

I believe in miracles and dreams that will come true.
I believe in tender moments and friendship,
through and through.

I believe in stardust and moonbeams all aglow.
I believe there's magic and more there than we know.

I believe in reaching out and touching from the heart.
I believe that if we touch a gift we can impart.

I believe that if you cry your tears are not in vain.
And when you're sad and lonely, others know your pain.

I believe that when we laugh a sparkle starts to shine.
And I just know that spark will spread from more
hearts than just mine.

I believe that hidden in the quiet of the night,
there's magic moths and gypsies a fairy and a sprite.

I believe that if you dance the dances of your heart,
that greater happiness will find a brand new way to start.

I believe the gifts you have are there for you to share.
And when you give them from the heart,
the whole world knows you care.

I believe that if you give even just to one,
the gift will grow in magnitude before the day is done.

I believe that comfort comes from giving part of me.
And if I share with others there's more for all to see.

I believe that love is still the greates gift fo all,
and when it's given from the heart then not one
of us will fall.

--Ruth Carter- Bourdon

Sunday, August 22, 2004


If it wasn't for my mother who told me about my niece birthday last Friday, I would have never remember it at all! How can I forget her bday?!! When I left Philippines she was just 6 moths old, and now she's already 2 years old. I was so sad then because I was thinking that I will never see her grow up and once we see each other she's all grown. Now I forgot her bday! To think our bday is just 6 days apart. Yeah, it will be my natal day on the 26th, another number will be added to my age! Maybe that's one reason why I am beginning to be forgetful, getting old! Soon my age won't be on the calendar anymore :((

-------------- tidbits from tonight:

We dine at the director's (school director) house tonight. This is the second time we've been invited to their house. Actually their apartment house, since they are one of those who live in a big apartment building. It's a very nice house, I noticed the big cross stitch frame made by the wife some years ago. This reminded me that my craft (cross stitch) is waiting to be touched for weeks now. I am busy blogging thats why!!!

The director's wife prepared some traditional foods like, kimbap (sushi rolls, CA rolls in US), tokpoki, and sweet delicacies made with grinded rice (almost like puto or kutsinta but more fancy).

Here's a picture of a Kimbap. It is a korean version of japanese sushi. It is filled with rice ham, eggs, onion spring and pickles rolled in a dried seaweeds. This is a very popular snack here in Korea, very filling and it's cheap too only W1,000 per roll.

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Saturday, August 21, 2004

an interesting and tiring day.....

It's saturday and L's off from school. We woke up late but managed to do something for the day. We went to Daejeon, one of the big city here in South Korea. Daejeon is home to Daedeok Valley, a cradle for high-tech industry, where Daedeok Science Town, the best R&D park in Korea, is located. It houses Korea's leading science and technology think-tank and research institutes. Daejeon is easily accessible from any place in Korea as it is the hub of national transportation, linking the whole country from east to west, and from north to south.

As we reached the main city I was overwhelmed by what I saw, massive apartment buildings all the over the place. These apartments towered over each other, so huge and amazing how it was done! That's one thing here in Korea, families live in an apartment complex instead of a single family houses. To think they can't rent an apartment unless they have a key money of $30,000. Yes, you read it right folks, they need to pay big chunk of money to rent an apartment and pay montly for whatever the cost, say $50 - $100 a month. That's why most young people live with their parents until they can afford to rent, or they will just stay in a motel.

Ofcourse the reason why we travelled one and a half hour is to see the shopping areas. We thought we'll find one near the bus station like in Kwangju, but we have to take a taxi for 5- 10 min to reach one of the big department store. Lotte department store, is like our regular mall in the Philippines. Actually according to what we read there are five shopping store in Daejeon, there's Lotte, E-mart, Galleria, Costco and Walmart. But since this is a big city and we don't know where these stores are, we settled ourselves to Lotte. We enjoy our shopping, had our lunch at Burger King, yeah we found one and L's glad! You know when we're out we prefer to eat in a fast food, it's fast, easy and cheap :)) We keep exploring the store, one thing that caught my attention is the rest room. It's kind amusing to me so I took a picture while seating at the lobby. It's colorful and clean. There's even a small lobby inside too, that the teenagers are just sitting and hangging around, with the music on. I haven't seen one like this even in the US .

Originally uploaded by day.
Outside the mall there's a small car show and a concert, ofcourse singer is singnging in korean. We're about to leave when he suddenly sung All by myself so we stayed for a while and listen, he sings good ha! After that we just continue walking, explore the place until our feet get tired. We find the place interesting and we decided we'll comeback again next time....

Friday, August 20, 2004

something to ponder......

Touch Life

Touch life in its all detail. Don't be content to experience life second hand or from afar.

Get out and get involved. Experience the texture and the substance of living.

Don't rush through quickly that the scenery is reduced to a blur. You'll find beauty in every direction if you let yourself be still enough to see it.

Base your action not on what will impress others. Do the things that will make you fully and more genuinely alive.

You have special gift to give that no one else can match. Life hunger for all you have to offer.

Dive in fully to the authentic experience of living in every moment. You, the world and everyone in it will be increasingly blessed.

-- Ralph Marston


Thursday, August 19, 2004

it's finger lickin' good!

Someone from the school told Lee that there's a nice shopping center at the nearby town. Today when he got home he says he wan't to see the place, so off we go!

Funny because we have to asked each bus that stopped if they are going to Nonsan, but since this is a small town not many had passed so it doesn't take long to get one. Lee can read korean but we don't take our time to read as the bus goes off fast. The travel to Nonsan took about half hour. The scenery on the way there is not very exciting, a statue here and there, some interesting old korean house hiding in the mountain... not much to see but farms and mountains. At last we're in downtown Nonsan! I got alived again! every vein in my body, every inch of my blood is boiling! I know it's OA but if your a city girl hiding in the boonies that's what you'll feel once your out in the city! It's very lively downtown compared to Buyeo and Yeosu. We take our time to see what shops they have, I saw one of my favorite brand hangten. Lee didn't find his brand of shirts which is Basic House and Underwood, so he feels that they don't have much selections.

Well I didn't mentioned that the person at the school says that there's a KFC at Nonsan, and while on the bus we already saw one. We did see Mcdonalds too, one thing common here in Korea is Mcdonalds and Lotteria. But where else would we go, KFC! I ordered my usual favorite - fried chicken! Lee ordered hot and spicy zingger. He didn't know it's that hot, because we can't read what it says in the counter but he has to finish it! As for me I enjoyed my meal, and savor every bit of if. It's really is "finger lickin' good!". I love the chicken, I love the fries, I love KFC, I hope they can offer me a commercial sometime! I can't help but think when I was in the Philippines at work and chow time, nobody want's to ask me where to eat because they know my answer :) they get tired of KFC but I never did! Just a few days ago I was chatting with Shinette and Aly (my officemates there) that I am planning to visit and we may want to get together. They suggested some places to eat and I said why not at KFC. They we're like " eto na naman kami, wala bang bago!" (here we go again, nothing's new?!) . The same thing when we we're in the US, Lee can't complain when I want to stop by at KFC. So now he is asking "are you satisfied?" "OH YES!".

We did enjoyed our trip even if it's a short time. I am kinda worried on our way back and waiting at the bus stop that we may missed the bus. Then on the bus I told Lee to be alert, and make sure we're ride the right one. We got home okay. Another day had passed, another day with Lee and and I'm blogging it!

Sunday, August 15, 2004


We go out and explore more today, although we know there's not much to find here in Buyeo, we take time to know the place. We stopped by at the bus station to know the schedule of the trip going to the nearest big city. There we met Angela, also checking the bus schedule. She is the first english speaking korean we met here in Buyeo aside from the school director and his wife. She speaks english well, we found out she's new in this place too, she transfered here because of her job. After a long talk at the bus station, she gave us her number and we bid goodbye. Lee and I stopped by at the supermarket, this is the biggest supermarket in this town and doesn't have much selection. We saw Angela again, what a small place! She offered to take us to dinner at the nearby chain.

This is one thing about korean, we know they are nice but very persistent. Sometimes Lee thought the reason why they are very friendly to us is because of the novelty of being with a foreigner and having a free english practice.

Anyway, we dine at Lotteria (famous korean fast food chain). As we talked, we find Angela so interesting. She works as a travel agent before which gave her a chance to travel alot, she's been from one country to another. But now she is working as a realtor where in she just started 2 weeks ago. Actually for 3 years she tried different kind of jobs to see where she fit in. She studied nursing for 8 mos, but give up when she started her internship. She work in a flower shop because she thought is it stylish/fashionable, but she gave up because it's a hard and physical job. Then she tried to teach english in a small hogwon, and gave up again because the pay is not good enough for her. And now she is trying her luck in realty. She said the reason she failed in everything is because "I do what I need to do, and not what I want to do" and now she is doing the other way around. She came from a big city and moved here in a small town which she finds boring too (makes 2 of us) and is staying in a motel by herself. She is pretty. She is single. She is 35 years old.

As we walked back home, I can't stop thinking about Angela. She's been to places and I know she's proud of that. In a way she maybe successfull but still in the process of finding herself. Maybe she like what she's doing and happy. But I can't help to think the life she has, wake up in the morning and go to work, earn good money, go home in an empty place with no one waiting, or much no one cares..... With all of these I feel so lucky because I have Lee. I resent to be in this place, I complain alot, and when Iam alone I feel so sad, I feel like I am in a box, I feel like Iam trapped, ....... but when Lee's by myside, when we're together I feel like nothing matter's anymore. We're happy together! Yes Iam happy, because Iam in love and being loved..... we can explore the whole world together, we can try new things, we can do everything and no worries because we're together.

I am not judging Angela, I know everybody is happy with what they do. I just express what I feel, what I have in my mind and this is my blog!

Gungnamji Park

It's been a week since we moved here in Buyeo. Today we're able to visit one of the tourist spot, Gungnamji Park. It is known for it's pond with an islet in the middle, where the pagoda and bridge built centuries ago (A.D. 643). Gungnamji which expressed an Immortal thought was one of the earliest lakes built in the garden in Korea.

It is another interesting place in this small town, lots of tourist come to visit and see this thousand years old pagoda. The park itself is very nice, colorful flowers are everywhere. Big lotus flowers are on it's peak, pretty and fragrance. Gungnamji Lotus Flower Festival is one of the various events here in Buyeo. Another thing that attract attention is the giant swing! it's so big that you feel like your flying once you ride - just be patient for your turn because everybody want's to ride this swing. There's also a monument of the Gen Gyeback and 5,000 militaries, I can't find much information about this monument but we're guessing that this is in honor for those who fight the war during Samguk Sagi (Three Kingdoms History).

You can view our pictures taken at the park on our website.

More later.....

Sunday, August 08, 2004

The town of Buyeo

Buyeo is a small town/province of South Korea. This place holds most of the historical momentos from thousand years ago. The capital of the Baekje Kingdom from AD 538 - 660, one of the three vying kingdoms that existed in the Korean peninsula in the 6th century.

This town is so small that you can find everything just by walking. One day of roaming you can actually say that you already saw the whole town. It proves to be very historic as we see all kinds of statues, curving of weird/scary faces & pagodas everywhere. The town does have a great museum of Baekje artifacts which just across our apartment complex.

I can say that the town is quiet, friendly- in the sense that it introduce and connect you to the past...... very interesting. This is the place for those who are into history and don't mind a small town at all, but if you are a city person - not the place for you. There's a small downtown but doesn't offer much, the nearest city where you can do a real shopping is more than an hour away. Seoul the capital, more or less 2 hours away from here.

We plan to explore the place as we find time, I'll tell you more about it :)

Sunday, August 01, 2004

Lao Tzu: Tao Te Ching

Truthful words are not beautiful.
Beautiful words are not truthful.
Good men do not argue.
Those who argue are not good.
Those who know are not learned.
The learned do not know.

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