Monday, January 15, 2007

One Year Old!

Wasn't it only a minute ago
that you we're helpless and small?

Now you're exploring,
learning and growing and all!

What cute baby mischief
you find yourself in, what hearts
you just melt with your sweet baby grin.

Absorbed in the busy-ness,
wonder, and fun of just being you
and just turning one!

Happy 1st Birthday Caroline Dawn!

Note: Caroline turned 1 on January 9th

Sunday, January 14, 2007


We spent our Christmas in Virginia. That trip has been planned and the flight has been reserved months ago, courtesy of P-I-L. L and I planned a get away and to do something just by ourselves, leaving baby Caroline with the grands or relative who want to keep and enjoy her.

Unfortunately we both got sick! Actually I already had sore throat when we left Florida, the moment we landed in VA, L felt sick too. To make the long story short we spent the whole Christmas Holiday- SICK! Albeit no side trip, it turned out good because we're able to spent our Christmas with the family and Caroline meet her Uncle W. One good thing too although she's around us, her sick parents (coughing twiddledoo & twiddledee) she did not get sick.

Dec 30th, our one week vacation was over. We head back to the Sunshine State, hoping to get a lot of rest and to feel better. What do we know! One of our luggage did not show up! We waited and waited, until we decided to file a lost claim. Come Dec 31st New Years eve, as expected was spent again in bed, this time to recuperate. The next day a guy show up on our door with Good and Bad news. He was carrying two unrecognized bags. I refused to take it but when we look, stuff was ours. Apparently our luggage was broken or something, no explanation given at all. That was the good news, new luggages! So here's the bad news, when I started to unpacked everything we discovered that most of our stuff was burned! Some of Carolines outfit were burned, both our down jacket (pricey jackets) were melted as in feathers were all over. A broken glass (gift), wet, smelly and dirty clothes. We filed a complaint, unfortunately they can only be reach via mail, and it's been two weeks and we haven't heard from them.

Inspite of what had happened, we dont feel that bad. We take it as it is, we're glad we had that trip. Although did get sick, we're thankful that Caroline did not get it. We have a lot to be thankful for the year that past to feel bad at all.

From our home to yours, Happy New Year!

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