Saturday, July 21, 2007

The Princess in the haus

Caroline in her much love princess chair with her princess straw cup in one of the picture.

She turned 18 months last July 9th. She got her last shot for this year - no more until she turns 2. She's healthy and active toddler.But what concerns the pediatrician is her diet and not drinking milk.

Caroline weaned herself from feeding bottle when she was15 months old. One morning she decided she don't want to drink milk - she was bottle less since then. We started giving her whole milk, tried to mix it with strawberry syrup - to no avail! She wont even drink juices but likes water. So the doctor advice to give her chocolate milk which we never tried. It works for a week, then after that she just taste it once in a while. Her diet strictly of what she like some of which are all kinds of berries and yogurt. She can eat berries the whole day without complain. Other than that I have to transform myself to a clown or force a healthy meal and it will turn out to non-stop pushing and crying. Even her daddy who's a healthy eater can't do anything. She's a FINICKY eater! We try to mix and match, taste this and that and hoping her diet will improve - HOPEFULLY!


Caroline and her books

Caroline loves to read, she read to herself most of the time or she will hand us the book and we'll read to her.

Sunday, July 15, 2007


Caroline and I just get back from church. She had lunch, watch a little bit of her favorite Mickey Mouse Club House and now having a nap.

We don't always go to church but when we do Caroline sit with us at the adult service. I find this hard, she talks and walk around in the middle of the service. So I decided it's not yet time for her to go to church.

What a blessing! I found out that the church where we usually attend has a nursery. I didn't know how it works, I thought parents had to sit with their children and have a bible study in a small room. Basically the way it works, parents had to leave their children in the nursery and pick them once the service is over. At first I was apprehensive to leave Caroline in the care of people whom we never seen in our life. This will be the first time I will leave her to someone, the first time she'll be in the "day care". But I have no choice, either I sit with these people who take care of all the babies or go a head leave her and come back. I opted on the latter. It break my heart, I feel like I have separation anxiety at the time.

At one point I peek and check how she's doing, they said she's doin good and I saw her playing by herself in the corner. This made me think, Caroline don't know how to socialize at all. The only people she knows are me and her daddy. We were thinking of putting her on a day care once she's talking well. Once she can perfectly tell us everything that happened on the daycare. But I wonder, will it be too late then?

In the Philippines socializing is not a problem at all. In my experience, children grow up surrounded by young and adult relatives. They are allowed to play with neighbors too. Mostly are dependent to their parents up to the time they have to go to school at 5 or 6 years old. Here parents are forced to leave their children in the day care in order to work. So most of them grow up independent and sociable. Caroline is in our care, we don't trust anybody unless a family. But now it makes me think - it probably wise if she learn to be friendly, share things with other children. I think this is another issue that need further discussion....

It's wonderful to be a parent, I am happy to watch our child learn and grow. But as she grow I have a lot of fear, there are a lot of things to be aware of and concern to address to.

I salute all the parents in world, specially my parents.

Happy Sunday all!

Friday, July 06, 2007

4th of July

We watched the fireworks at St Pete beach.
Not crowded, no traffic, it was perfect! The
weather was not quite good, drizzling on
and off. Luckily it stop when the fireworks

Caroline enjoy walking on the sand while
watching people lit firecrackers.
It was a fun celebration!

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