Saturday, August 27, 2005

Last night we went to The Pub for my birthday dinner. We meet our parents (their on vacation), who arranged the whole deal. They originally plan to dine outside since the place has a scenic water view. But with the storm weather's so unpredictable, they decided to dine-in. The food was great! Later, we moved to the piano bar. Live music was playing and the people started to dance. Mom and dad joined the crowd, they were a good dancers! I had one dance with dad too :) It was fun! I enjoyed the whole evening. No pictures to post though, we used our parents camera and might be a while before we get copies.

Okay so here's the highlight of my post today. I got this gift from my parents-in-law, a beautiful italian mother and son cameo. You must be wondering, why mother and son? Well I guess it's time to announce that, we are expecting! As of today, I am 20 weeks and 5 days preggy. No, we don't know the gender yet and we're still choosing names.

Like I said on my previous post, so much had happened in a short period of time :)

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Friday, August 26, 2005

another year older!

Yup, that time of the year again! I made a full circle of another year in my life. I am happy none the less. With my life, that is, but not the increment to the age counter. Thirty one. That's the magic number this year. Where have the past years slipped away to?

Standing in front of the mirror, looking at my face, I thought "a few years from now I'll be using Oil of Olay anti-aging night cream" LOL don't roll your eyes on me! Not too long ago I was the type who shut my mouth about my age. I figure it's a better idea to keep people guessing instead of saying the number, that way I know how I have age. Of course everybody wants to age gracefully, and to believe that every year you just get better and better! So I maybe another year older, but if it means I get cake and presents - who cares? Bring it on!

Sunday, August 21, 2005

a new beginning...

After a long absence, I'm back! In a short period of time so much had happened. We left Korea, head back to the USA, stayed in VA and relocated here in FLorida.

Relocation can be one of the most exciting endeavors you may experience in life, if you make the moving process easier. But for us who came from overseas, moved intestate and has a little time to research, it was a harrowing experience and sticker shock!

If your wondering how we do the moving; from Korea we shipped boxes to VA. Me and hubby check 4 heavy suitcases and each has 2 heavy hand carries. I tell you it wasn't easy! Once in VA we did a little research then drove to FL. After a few days, we found a nice apartment! To furnish our place, we flew to VA and get all our stuff from the storage. Of course we drove back again to FL, this time with a big truck! The drive to FL was epic 16-hours. 1000 miles. It was quite an experience for me, who never travelled this much. I can say that moving means a journey into the unknown which is an overwhelming

The hard part of it all was loading/unloading the truck. If your on a tight budget like us, renting a truck is a lot cheaper, but it hurts! Anyway after that stressfull and difficult event, we're settled and enjoying our time here in our new abode.

Our unit overlooks the complex swimming pool. I thought that was cool, little did we know that it will be a problem. There's also a 15-acre lake with a big fountain in the middle, across the street. There's a path along the lake, so anyone can walk or jog and enjoy the scenic view. This apartment complex has 24 hour fitness center, tennis courts, volleyball court and basketball court. Most of the apartments or private community (as they call it) here in FL offers the same features for a reasonable price.

It's very hot here in FL, hotter than the Philippines due to high humidity. The usual temperature here is scorching 95-100 degrees, everyday! I am hoping that once summer is over it will cool down a bit. One thing though, there's a lot to do here in and that'll be on my next post.

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