Saturday, June 30, 2007

Our short vacation in Virginia

Having fun with grands in Winchester

Buying souvenir at Smithsonian Museum in Chantilly

We stayed in Reston for a week.

Celebrating Father's day and shopping
at Leesburg outlet mall

Friday, June 15, 2007


We're off to Virginia for a week vacation.

I been looking forward to this.

I really need a vacation, we do.

Sunday, June 10, 2007

She's 17

Caroline turns 17 months, she's almost one and a half year old! This is the 'me do it' and 'no, no,' stage. She like to observe what mommy and daddy does and copy it later. She think she's a big girl that she can do everything. She point her finger or extend her hands whenever she needs or like something. When we say No - she will stop, when we say put back things she's not supposed to get - she obediently put it back. BUT - if she don't like whatever we gave her she instantly shakes her head or push it - sometimes she'll say nah (No). Whenever she like us to read to her, she'll get a book, open the page and hand it to us, then she'll listen until we finish.

Her vocabulary consist of - dow (hello), cat, bop-bop(up,up), bye, mama, daddy, hotdee(from Mickey Mouse clubhouse hotdog song), meymi (ming-ming from Wonder Pet). She can mimics the sounds of the birds, dog, cow, duck and makes the same sound whenever she see one. She loves to watch and listen to Old Macdonald's, Wonder Pet, Blues Clues, Mickey Mouse Club house and all the Baby Einstein videos.

It's fun to just watch Caroline do her things, specially when she's reading loud to herself. I love to watch from far or her back so she wont be interrupted.

We got her crayons- she likes it.
We tried finger painting - she hates the sticky paint.


We went to Taste of Pinellas Festival. It's an annual food and fund raising event with free concert. Caroline sing, dance and clap with the music. The loud music and the crowd did not bother her at all. In fact she enjoys it. It was fun Sunday afternoon.

Caroline at the concert with Craby Bill's beads.

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