Saturday, September 06, 2008

Paid Blogging - What's behind the hype?

A lot of people are talking about paid blogging. So I ask my self is it really possible to get paid while blogging? I was skeptical at first but I still read and research about it. Learning to get paid to blog is not as complicated as I thought it is. Basically the way it works is find an advertiser-you blog- then-get-paid, it's like posting a normal blog but with monetary incentive. You get paid to blog for every word and every single sentences you write, what's cool than that! But this new phenomenon requires time, patience, persistent and promotion to succeed. It sound so easy to me, if only I have all the time in the world then I could be a successful big-earner blogger!

The hype on paid blogging is growing big and I am considering to monetize my blog. I think it's good to be rewarded after spending hours on blogging and blog hopping. I'll have money to pay a web space or domain (if I consider to do so), Internet use and maybe some extra to plan a vacation. Wow I am already dreaming!


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