Monday, January 31, 2005

My vacation....

I was back since last week, but I can't find time to blog nor to do anything on the computer. First I been sleeping for the most part (jet lag, baga!) then when I regain my strength from the trip I started to clean the whole apartment.

My vacation in Pinas was expected but was not organized and was finalized to the last minute. But eventhough not ready and was not equipped with enough "pasalubong", go ako!

It was a bit of an adjustment from below freezing temperature to warm and sunny weather. I got sick, was hit with cough and cold the first week I was there. Another thing was, I had a major disaster with my hair. I had it straightened at Going Straight but the chemicals they used reacted on the chemicals that was used here in Korea when my hair was straightened six months ago. So the ending, my hair was damaged! Other than that everything was great!

I was with my family the whole time, it was a non-stop chat. I also enjoyed my favorite foods and some that I missed. Parents make sure that I will eat what I like before I leave. When the relatives from Bataan learned that I came, they sent lot's of seafoods through their Farmer's Market suppliers. Oh and lots of fresh fruits too! I also enjoyed foods from Pier1, Dencio's and Dampa, their great! But nothing beats the food at home. Ma, never get tired cooking and preparing, hayyyy sarap! yung taho ni manong sa umaga, yung bbq at nilagang mani sa kanto, yung fishball at kikiam sa hapon, yung balot sa gabi.... The best thing about being in the Philippines are foods! other than shopping and great sales on malls!!

I also spent most of my time with my niece, she was 6 months old when I left Pinas. Now she's turning 3 in August. She's cute and always ready to pose when the camera strike :) I also have a new 1 year old nephew who's so masungit!

During my short stay there, I met some friends, classmates, former office mates and blog-meet with Laine. I was hoping to meet Anna again but didn't have a chance to do so. Though it was not planned and out of budget we visited friends and relatives at Cavite, Laguna, Batangas and Bulacan. Also I was able talk (kiss and make-up) with some relatives that was not spoken to, for years.

I wish it could have been longer. I could've spent more time with my family, visit more places and meet more people. But I couldn't postponed my departure, hubby is waiting and with a month long vacation we already misses each other. Saying goodbye was the hardest part, I had to assure mother that I'll be back before long or she'll never stop crying! ang hirap magbilin habang may umiiyak pati ako napapaiyak na rin, di matapos ang sasabihin....

I was looking at the window as the plane flew higher and higher. I watched as the whole city, covered and sorrounded with gray clouds, gets smaller. I wipe the tears from my eyes and in my heart I promise that I'll be back and will be with my family and my home again!


What's new in M. Manila? The footbridge in EDSA with a distinctive color. There's no pedestrian crossing on main thoroughfare of EDSA, no one is allowed to cross instead everyone have to go up the bridge to cross to the other side, follow or you'll be jail. On some part there's a system you have to follow in order to take a bus, I still prefer the MRT though, the new system is so confusing and kinda annoying. Another thing I noticed was the quasi-comfort room on highways. Now, men are not going to stand anywhere for comfort but enjoy the colorful CR :) The MRT from Marikina (I guess) going to Aurora Blvd are now operational. SM Makati was improved. The Market! Market! in Makati was cool. There's a Gateway in Cubao. The Fiesta carnival is now outdoors. There are some changes and new stuff, but the traffic and the pollution was still there.

Friday, January 28, 2005

vacation's over!

Hello All!!!! after almost a month of vacation in Pinas, am back! There's too many stories to tell and too many pictures to share :) I'll carry those memories until the time I'm back again (dramaaa!) . Nothing beats being back home!

Heto, blog and bloghopping na naman!!!! Thank you for those who leave messages while I'm away and those who sent cards, touch ako!

Saturday, January 01, 2005


Happy New Year!

Manigong Bagong Taon!

Say hay boke-mahn he pah du say oh!

I wish you all PEACE, LOVE and HAPPINESS throughout the year!!!

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