Thursday, July 06, 2006

4th of July celebration

We celebrated July 4th at my officemate's house in Palm Harbor. F recently married a filipina and he is self-proclaimed godfather of Caroline. They hosted that party and invited mostly pinays. As expected, there's lot of filipino foods, karaoke and picture taking. After the party we head down to Safety Harbor to watch the fireworks. We find a good spot before the event started. As always, it was great!

Caroline behaved well throughout the trip. She did not cry even people tried to hold her at the party. She watched the fireworks quietly. The loud sound and the bright colors must have enticed her. She had her red, white and blue outfit courtesy of her grandmom.

Here's a few pictures before we leave, unfortunately no pictures of/at the fireworks.

Sunday, July 02, 2006

First tooth, first word

Caroline is now 5 months old and is turning 6 months on July 9th. She can now reach and play with her feet. She reaches any stuff we give her. She prefers sitting than laying down, though she can't sit by herself yet.

Two weeks ago she say her first word "Mama"! at first I couldn't believe it, L said I was dreaming and go back to sleep since it was early morning. Actually she started with "mammam". But she mastered it, she now clearly and continously says "mama" especially when she's hungry. I tried to show her that 'mama' is me, so whenever she say that word I responds to her. Well a few days after that L said Caroline said "Hello" ofcourse nobody believes him LOL! I'm still waiting for her to say that word until now :) Right now she's babling "daddad" but not very clear.

Yesterday while we're in the car I noticed something white on her bottom gum. As I already suspects it's a tooth! Her first tooth had peeked, I was so excited that I screamed! L look at the rearview mirror and almost stop the car since he dont know what happening at the back. Once we reached our destination, he excitedly check her tooth. We look at each other then smile, no words but you can tell we're so happy! The joys of being a parents.....

The Grandparents visit

A week ago mom and dad came, they had a week vacation here in Florida and stayed at Clearwater. It was really nice seeing them again, as you know we have no relative here and FL and seeing them once in a while is a joy! They love seeing Caroline, she has grown a lot since their last visit. Surprisingly she did not cry even we left her with them. Caroline developed strangers anxiety since she turns 4 months - I'm glad she still remember her grands.

We didn't have a chance to swim but we we're able to enjoy walking at beautiful beach. The view from mom and dad's hotel room were spectacular! And them staying at Clearwater beach means dinners at Shells Restaurant. Their food are really fresh and good!

We really enjoy our time with them. It was hard to say goodbye but we're looking forward seeing them again.

Here's two of the gifts Caroline got from grandmom and granddad and she really like it!

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