Wednesday, April 27, 2005

colourful spring!

What a beautiful spring day, the temperature was as high as 75! It was sunny and the sky was brilliant blue. The colorful flowers are dancing in the wind.

Equipped with my digital camera, I walked around and enjoy the beautiful blossoms of spring. L couldn't believe I took all these pictures!

Friday, April 22, 2005

hindi ko nalanghap ang sarap!

I was fiddling with my newest pastime- working through PSP tutorials- when I was suddenly struck by a desire for a hotdog. Yes, I had a vision of a fat, sweet, tender, and juicy hotdog smothered in cheese! I was practically drooling at the thought! I speedily put on a jacket and ran to the nearest store.

While searching for the hotdog-to-die-for, I thought about street carts selling hotdogs in the US. Big, sloppy, messy, dripping 'dog and sitting down to eat. At the frozen section, no matter how much I turned the products every which way, I couldn't find what I had in mind! As this was merely a sudden urge and not at all like the-need-for-essential-nutrients, I settled for what they had. The appearance of the hotdog in the bag was not very encouraging; Bulgogi Frank Hotdog. "That'll do," I said.

I hurriedly cooked a bag of hotdogs at once and was hoping for the tasty smell, but there was none. I prepared the condiments, and indulged myself! The taste was not as I had imagined it and the delicious hotdog aroma was missing.

Oh well, I satisfied my cravings, and that what's mattter. Better luck next time :)

Wednesday, April 20, 2005

laugh of the day!

I had quite an adventure today, I rode in a police car! No, I didn't commit any crime. It happened because I was looking for a certain store. And because everything was written in hangul and there seemed to be no building address numbers at all, I decided to seek police help to make things easier.

It was not a spur-of-the-moment decision, since we've asked police for help once before. That was when we went to Seoul, and we got lost. The person we asked for directions lead us to the police station. With their town map, the police were able to point us in the right direction. The guy I talked to on the phone said that their store was somewhere around town, so I was thinking the police might be able to point me to the exact location without any hassle.

Well, after a few inquiries, I was escorted by two policemen and found myself sitting in the back of the squad car. I almost backed out, as riding in their car was not part of my plans! It was my first time riding in a patrol car and it was not exciting. It was not a high and mighty experience, if anything it was very uncomfortable. The policemen were nice though, trying to make conversation with a few english words that they knew. Anyway, after a two mile drive we found the "store", it was in the middle of a rusty industrial construction site. To make a long story short, I ended up going along with the store keeper and policemen's conversation, since they couldn't understand my explanation as to why I was there. It was funny because the store keeper seemed very nervous and attentive around the police. It ended with a word from the clerk that he would call me, for whatever reason I don't know.

In the end I was thankful that the policemen were there because otherwise I'd be taking a taxi back. As I told L about my adventure today, I had mixed emotions and felt like bursting out laughing or crying. He then said that it was quite a story and a misadventure.

Yes I have had lots of experiences and a number of misadventures here in Korea! Hopefully soon things will change and all of them will just be a memory....

Saturday, April 16, 2005

cherry blossoms in bloom!

It's Spring in Korea and cherry blossoms are in full bloom! The cherry blossoms' pink buds are opening into clusters
of soft white petals. When the breeze blows the petals fall in showers like wedding confetti. Oh, so pretty! The petals
practically wash the road with their hues.

I am not exactly sure when, but there is a cherry blossom festival held somewhere in Seoul. People are enjoying
the blooming cherry blossoms, taking pictures, and walking among the cherry's petals.

more photos!

Monday, April 04, 2005

tree planting

Today is Arbor Day here in Korea. It is an annual observance dedicated to the planting and conservation of trees.

It was windy but the weather was good for walking, warm enough to just wear a sweatshirt. We took the opportunity to walk and enjoy the weather, and of course I was curious to see if people really plant trees :) As it turned out there was no tree planting but people were out and about since it was a public holiday, and a great day.

Although it's still barren outside, trees are starting to bloom like this one in the picture.

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