Sunday, June 18, 2006

Happy Father's Day

When Caroline was born, the mother in me was
born the and father in you was born too. But for me
atleast it's a gradual process, I have nine months
to prepare and get used to what was happening.

For you life changes overnight, you were literally
yanked into the role of fatherhood - it happens all at once.

Fatherhood does not occur naturally, I know you find
yourself struggling to understand and fullfill the
parental role. Nevertheless you were there every
step of the way.

There's a soft spot in your heart that made
to be a father and I thank you for being a good one!
Thank you for all that you do, for all your
thoughtful ways and most of all your patience
and unconditional love.

On this special day, I wish you all the special discoveries
of fatherhood, the wonders, the joys and the love that
keep on growing for a lifetime.

Happy First Fathers Day to you Daddy!

from your loving wife and daughter- Day and Caroline

Note: This exact same essay was posted on the board at work - wherein we are given a chance to show off and be proud (post picture and write essay) to the special man in our life on father's day.

Sunday, June 04, 2006

our miss little babbler and grabber

Whenever hubs and I look at Caroline, we cannot believe how our little peanut grown a lot. She is now more than 2 feet and is working feverishly at improving her grasp by latching onto anything and everything that she can get her little hands around. She want to touch, hold, turn, shake, and put in her mouth everything within her reach.

She likes to creep around the floor and can turn her body to see something behind her. She's strong enough to sit on her own for a moment or two, but we stick close by to provide support whenever she start falling. She also closely observe the movements my mouth when I speak and attempt to imitate the sounds and the inflection of my voice, at the same time I immitate her too which make her laugh. She babble specific sounds in an attempt to get attention and will "talk" back when spoken to. She does mimic our facial expressions, which is so FUNNY! Caroline is our source of endless entertainment now!

I introduced Caroline to solid foods when she was 16 or 17 weeks (barely 4 mos). I started feeding her with apple and pear sauce once in a while. On her four months check-up the doctor told me to start rice cereal. I give her rice cereal once a day, she doesn't eat much but a teaspoon or two would do just to get use to sensation. I mixes it with variety of liquid, her milk, (fresh) juices of watermelon, honeydew or sometimes plain water. I like giving her beech-nut baby foods. She doesnt like peas and carrots that much, it's funny how she make faces and wiggle in distaste. She loves chiquita bananas though! I am not surprised because my favorite foods when I was pregnant were bananas and milk. According to what I read (if I remember it right) once babies started eating they may recognize the taste of foods you often eat when you were pregnant.

Tips for moms: those disposable bibs are great, use it and toss it!

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