Friday, December 24, 2004


This year is different from the past Christmases we had, for one thing we're both far from our families. Though it's a quiet christmas for us, I am thankful we're together and that's what matters most!

Family Tradition:

At this time in Pinas at my parents house, christmas song is blasting from their karaoke. Godchildren started the pamamasko and must be at our door-step asking for their aguinaldos. For sure Ma's busy preparing food for the visitors and Pa can't get over entertaining them. Brother's must be in the corner eating quietly, or must be out with their friends.

Ten hours from now it will be christmas day in the US too. Mom will be busy preparing her christmas tradition 'oyster stew and puff-bread'. After indulging from a hearty meal and opening gifts, dad will start his christmas story - Mr. Willowby's Christmas Tree. This christmas story has been a tradition in their family, always been part of L's christmas as far as he can remember. I thought he'll never hear about him this year since we're here in Korea but he came!

Enjoy the Holidays everyone! see you in January :)

Thursday, December 23, 2004


happy, happy, joy, joy, joy!!!!

I will be leaving on Tuesday! After almost two years of being away from my "bayang magiliw", I'm coming home! I can't wait!

Thursday, December 16, 2004

art and craft

This is what keeps me company, especially now that it's winter and cabin fever sets in!

I also discovered - Origami. This requires patience and some brain power. Another thing is, it is very complex. The multicolored papers are available anywhere but the only problem is, instructions are written in korean. Luckily 'the net' gives me easier instructions. It's a fun and wonderful way to keep ones hands busy other than eating :)

Friday, December 10, 2004

something about last night.....

Today I woke up early to check if we already had gas, which runs our stove and water heater. Well, one click on the stove and there was the flame, water faucets got hot after a few seconds. What a relief!

Last night when L came home from school, we drank hot chocolate(for me) and coffee(for him). Afterwards we just hung-around, no need to sleep early since it will be weekend the next day. He watched tv and I was on the computer. It was past 9pm when his mother called and I decided to make his dinner. Right then I discovered that our water heater was malfunctioning, it worried me because it was freakin cold! L checked the machine that runs the heater, unplugged and plugged it. But nothing happened, the red button was still blinking, cautioning that something was wrong. The water was so cold that I couldn't stand it at all, I thought about boiling water. What do you know! the stove didn't work too! Of course, gas is the main source of heat in this apartment and anything that has something to do with the gas didn't work at all :) Well, there was nothing else to do but wash my face and brush my teeth with freezing water brrrrrr! And as we slept, there was no comforting heat. *shivers* such horror of coldness!

At least it's back now and we are not going to be freeze this weekend. Enjoy your weekend everyone!

Tuesday, December 07, 2004


Last weekend was spent with Hwang (L's student) and her family, at the park. We went to Kyeryongsan National Park, known for it's historic buddhist temples and majestic mountain. The buddhist's temples are impressive with it's beautiful color and intricate details. From what I read these temples are origins of many legends, two known major temples are Kapsa and Tonghaksa. I noticed lots of people hiking albeit cold weather. Ofcourse most of them are bundled with a ready hiking gear. Kyeryongsan mountain known for it's numerous peaks, offers incredible sceneries, but right now since we're between after-fall-early-winter season, it's mostly plain.

It was a great weekend, another interesting place! More pictures here.

sacred water, anyone can drink... i didn't!

the pagoda and persimmons in the background

one of the temple

a colorful dragon

inside the buddhist temple

Friday, December 03, 2004

socks anyone?

A few weeks ago Anna and I had a conversation on the phone, and one of the topics was socks :) These trucks of socks are stationed at every street corner, enticing passers-by to purchase, including me! I can't get enough, and I keep buying whenever I see one. I've never seen bundles and bundles of socks in my life! They are cheap and colorful! Koreans love wearing socks. They wear them at home (especially kids) instead of slippers and enjoy the heated floor.

Wednesday, December 01, 2004

six months

Today marked my six months here in the "Land of the Morning Calm". I've been here almost half of a year now and it seems like much longer. It's as if everything before Korea is a distant memory. From the time I left Philippines, to the USA and then here. So much had happened and we've done a lot. I am doing nothing monumental for here, am just a spouse of an adventurous me-gook-saram(american), ESL sansengnim(teacher). If anything, I am the get-me-on-the-next-plane-outta-here crazy!

One thing I'm thankful for is that despite all the horror stories we've heard and read, about english teachers being screwed up here in Korea, we have a pretty decent situation, we're okay, we're surviving. That despite having a pathetic, goofy, crazy employer (according to him) he is treated well. And here in Korea if you can manage that much, your very fortunate!

Next time I will write my perspective on living here in Korea.....
I been to our bank today and for the the nth time, asked the bank/id code that is needed for a wire transfer. And again for the nth time I was told the same thing! L's parents been meaning to wire money on occasions such as birthdays and now for christmas. But because of all the wrong informations they are providing me, the parents always being told that the bank can't process any transactions, after paying a fee which ofcourse non-refundable! So after some useless hours spent in the bank, patiently talking to a bank teller who can't understand me at all(and vice versa), doing sign language, writing/sketching on the paper and trying to stop myself from screaming "this never became a problem in the Philippines ya-know!!!", I went home and called the main office in Seoul. Lucky to get an english-speaking agents, and after being passed-on from one line to another, they gave infos I needed. We'll see what will happen next....

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