Wednesday, September 13, 2006

what are you eating?

Caroline likes to eat:


bread stick


Well, she also like to bite her fingers, toes, and chew her toys :)

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

knock! knock! anybody home???

Yes! I'm still here! As usual busy, busy, busy ... I know that doesn't justify my lack of posting the last few months. Well what matters is, I'm here now ",)

There's not much news, actually. I just want to update you all aboout Caroline and to post a few pictures. She's 7 months old, turning eight on September 9th. As of now she has four teeth, two bottom & two top. Although teething is giving her a hard time she's still cute and cuddly. She's still learning to sit by herself and has now discovered that she can stand. She laughs in excitement whenever I try to let her stand. We're loving every moment with her!

Caroline on her activity center showing her 4 teeth

she loves this outfit :)

a happy cute baby!

mommy and Caroline at the mall

she likes to read!

mommy and Caroline on morning walks

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